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Beltrami joined Monaco Yacht Show with a comprehensive and bespoke linen collection

Beltrami presents its yacht linen collection: elegance, luxury and refinement combined with precious materials and Italian textile excellence. A union that can be molded into different styles, shapes and needs, able to give birth to graceful spaces and pleasant furniture. “Today, yachts are just like homes in which the once-popular maritime themes are mostly replaced […]


Beltrami at Equip’Hotel 2018: interview with Cinzia Beltrami

Beltrami presented its “The Suite” concept from 11 to 15 November 2018 at Equip’Hotel, Europe’s premier hotel and catering fair. Cinzia Beltrami, CEO of Beltrami Linen, reveals the vision behind the project and describes how elegant, simple and contemporary interpretation enhances each environment. Read the interview with Cinzia Beltrami, CEO of Beltrami Linen. What are […]


Interview with Alessandra Maroso of Tempora, one of the companies that collaborated with Beltrami on the Suite project

Only companies that can establish a relationship of trust and understanding can fully appreciate what is needed and implement the project to the highest possible standards. Hear below you can read the interview with Alessandra Maroso, CEO of Tempora, one of the companies that collaborated with Beltrami on the Suite project. How important is it […]


Interview with Andrea Dotto, CEO and Founder at Purho

To create an atmosphere that brings out the best in a space in a truly unique way, Purho conceives and models precious objects with the skill of the master glass blowers of Murano. The Suite creates a unique atmosphere with the precious value of Purho objects, that add a touch of class to any environment. […]


Interview with Alessandro Vrech from Marmi Vrech

The marble in the Suite is a material that covers surfaces with a timeless lapidary elegance, to become the barycentre of the space, adding a noble touch. The Suite is a space in which the material qualities elements defines and dignifies the environment. Here below you can read the interview with Alessandro Vrech from Marmi […]


8 essentials for the room of a woman who appreciates luxury

A woman’s bedroom is a refuge for relaxation, regeneration and a little pampering. Here are 8 things it must have to make it a really special, unique and comfortable luxury suite. 1. A beautiful and comfortable bed It’s the bed that creates the ambience. Nothing should be overlooked: a top-quality mattress, tailored sheets, a warm, […]