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Protective Masks Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami: Protection, comfort, and exclusive elegance

Beltrami presents a capsule collection of protective masks made from Autentica Fibra di Legno (wood fiber), a perfect accessory for any uniform or a refined gift for your guests. The lightness and breathability of Autentica Fibra di Legno ensures incomparable comfort for the whole day, in any environment and climate. The effectiveness of the protection […]


The art of afternoon tea, English style

An elegant and now widespread alternative to wining and dining is afternoon tea, enjoyed with friends and served with pastries – preferably homemade. Afternoon tea is an English tradition dating back more than two centuries, and has its own rules and rituals: tap water, for example, should not be used since it may be too […]


The Beltrami Leisure Collection for a relaxed and elegant hotel experience

The Beltrami Leisure Collection: comfortable and sophisticated leisurewear to allow your guests to feel at home and at ease in every part of the hotel. Soft fabrics and sartorial quality, matched by a loose and enveloping design to ensure perfect comfort. With its emphasis on relaxed elegance and the timeless appeal of natural materials, the […]


The accessory for the perfect toast

In the run-up to Christmas and the emotive midnight chimes of New Year’s Eve, December, like no other, is the month for festive drinks. We’ve all been looking forward to the warmth of company and the clink of glasses as we sit around a table with friends and relatives. Beltrami has put its mind to […]


The bathrobe: the timeless value of a precious robe

For a long time, bathrobes have been accessories used as a yardstick of the extent of the experience of well-being that you could only find in the most exclusive homes and luxury hotels, becoming a symbol and, at the same time, a distinctive feature of luxurious settings. Even today, a fluffy and enveloping bathrobe is […]


Beltrami baby: the natural and sustainable choice to cuddle your baby

Beltrami finally brings the excellence of Made in Italy tailoring even in the baby world. A complete collection in pure white with blue or powder pink details: from baby walkers to cot sheets, blankets and duvets, to the baby bath set and the 3 piece bib set. Each item of the baby collection is made […]