Bespoke and customised
table linens


Beltrami’s top customization service also involves table linens, guaranteeing the Customer an exclusive tailor-made service. Thanks to the high quality of raw materials, stains are easily removed from fabrics which are also highly resistant to frequent industrial washing. Moreover, Beltrami distinguishes itself for its extra wide fabrics suited to make very large tablecloths, which are specific for the banqueting sector.

Our clients

Maximum customization

The tablecloth customization service begins by coordinating fabrics with the aesthetics of the environment and interiors, thanks to a comprehensive range of textures and colours, ranging from the personalization of designs, sizes, finishes, to the finest lace and embroidery. Beltrami’s design is unique, tailor-made for every furnishing project and the level of customization extends up to the yarn thread count.

  • Four Seasons Firenze

  • Hotel Danieli

  • The Peninsula Paris

Fabrics to suit any environment and need

The high quality of raw materials, selected with care by Beltrami according to rigorous standards, allows to integrate the elegance of design with the functionality of fabrics which means that even the toughest stains (coffee, chocolate, shellfish, wine, lipstick) are easily removed through frequent industrial washing. Beltrami also offers a brand new outdoor collection, fabrics for tablecloths that are stain-resistant and highly resistant to ultraviolet rays.