30.03.2018 - News

Beltrami Style on the set of the new Campari short film: The Legend of Red Hand.

A story of thrills and international intrigue. And above all, a mystery: who is the “Red Hand” who prepares the best cocktails in the world while wearing a red glove?
Mia Parc has one aim: to reveal Red Hand’s identity.

After the 2017 success of Killer in Red, directed by Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino and starring Clive Owen, Campari Italia has decided to add a new chapter, The Legend of Red Hand, to the Red Diaries saga.

In a journey that begins in Milan, shot in shades of red and blue, the lead character, played by Zoe Saldana, famous worldwide for her roles in Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy, throws herself into a dogged search for the perfect cocktail and its creator.

In a strong cast, Saldana acts alongside Adriano Giannini, a perfect partner in this tense detective teaser by Gomorra TV series director Stefano Sollima.

But the set reveals another star: Beltrami Style. 

The film contains a scene in which a crucial dialogue takes place between the protagonists. In the middle of the room is a bed made up with Beltrami linen.

We prepared the bedding for this scene in every detail, with the aim of highlighting the refined and classic distinctive style of our fabrics. Features that characterise the naturalness of Zoe Saldana’s screen presence in scenes of glamour, sophistication and luxury. And which are repeated in the film’s photography and colours intense, mysterious and elegant.

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