27.12.2018 - Insight

Beltrami at Equip’Hotel 2018: interview with Cinzia Beltrami

Beltrami presented its “The Suite” concept from 11 to 15 November 2018 at Equip’Hotel, Europe’s premier hotel and catering fair. Cinzia Beltrami, CEO of Beltrami Linen, reveals the vision behind the project and describes how elegant, simple and contemporary interpretation enhances each environment.

Read the interview with Cinzia Beltrami, CEO of Beltrami Linen.

What are the origins and underlying values of your “The Suite” project?
We had long felt the need to offer an elegant and practical collection of elements capable of fitting harmoniously into any environment, from bedroom to living room, and from bathroom to dining room. The concept of The Suite is a refined space that offers total hospitality: we have interpreted the space from a contemporary perspective, offering top quality to the client while paying particular attention to the practical aspects of hotel housekeeping. All the elements come together to form a unique experience. The Suite is the ideal place to spend time and feel at home, with pleasant surprises thoughtfully offered in each environment. Each Beltrami accessory gently invites you to enjoy your surroundings to the full.

What is the common link between the items in the new collection?
Beltrami’s The Suite employs a white gold thread to draw contemporary, sparkling and luxurious designs. This thread coherently unites four environments – living area, bedroom, dining room and bathroom – in a sophisticated and experiential space. It binds the values and aesthetic elements that together contribute to greater customer satisfaction. Beltrami sheets, tablecloths and accessories display detailed decoration in white gold to embellish a space of superior design. The golden thread is also a metaphorical expression of the link between the companies that collaborated in realising The Suite – companies that by tradition, history and positioning have an affinity with Beltrami and the concept presented at Equip’Hotel.

How does Beltrami interpret and enhance environments?
The bedroom – Beltrami offers new, elegant and functional elements that complete the environment and make each client’s experience more relaxing and restful. Soft Fibra di Legno sheets envelop the guest in total comfort.
The bathroom – Here again Beltrami helps to make the guest feel the central figure of a welcoming and luxurious environment, using unusual accessories such as an elegant tray-liner for personal effects, made in a fabric coordinated with the sponge or in eco-leather.
The dining room – The imperative of The Suite is to express the full potential of each context. The Beltrami dining-room table creates intimacy and privacy for clients to savour an important dinner with their guests or a light lunch provided by the hotel room service. In common with all the spaces, the white gold thread is perfectly integrated in unique and detailed decoration, as in the attractive napkins.
The living area – This area responds perfectly to contemporary interpretation. For Beltrami it is the space in the suite for doing exactly as one wishes, perhaps reading a magazine while draped in a soft shawl, or enjoying breakfast in the silky comfort of a Fibra di Legno robe.

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