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Beltrami Linen – COURSE DE L’ESPOIR

At Beltrami Linen, we have always put humanity at the center of our values, which is why we are also committed to supporting social causes. On the occasion of the March of Hope organized by the Ligue genevoise contre le cancer, a voluntary association, that supports the fight and research against cancer, we are pleased to announce […]


Beltrami Linen – Italian Yellow Directory in the Gulf 2022

We are proud to announce our participation in the Italian Yellow Directory in the Gulf 2022 project, selected among the spokespeople of Made in Italy excellence in the world. The project is entirely managed by the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE in the UAE based in Dubai and has been operational from 30 June. […]


We are pleased to present our collaboration with the young designer Alessandra Scuri

Inspired by the nautical world, Alessandra has created a sneaker with essential lines, but at the same time enhances the fabrics used: satin for the upper and sponge for the lining, both in Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami. The final result is the perfect synthesis of the company’s aesthetic values ​​and the marine atmosphere underlying […]


Beltrami and digital expansion: a new challenge

In the age of Covid-19, digital has proven to be a great tool for reaching new markets and building customer loyalty. That is why during this period we have continued to invest not only in new product development, but also in the digital market. The digital channel is a winning formula even for niche products […]


Beltrami joined Monaco Yacht Show with a comprehensive and bespoke linen collection

Beltrami presents its yacht linen collection: elegance, luxury and refinement combined with precious materials and Italian textile excellence. A union that can be molded into different styles, shapes and needs, able to give birth to graceful spaces and pleasant furniture. “Today, yachts are just like homes in which the once-popular maritime themes are mostly replaced […]


Beltrami at Equip’Hotel 2018: interview with Cinzia Beltrami

Beltrami presented its “The Suite” concept from 11 to 15 November 2018 at Equip’Hotel, Europe’s premier hotel and catering fair. Cinzia Beltrami, CEO of Beltrami Linen, reveals the vision behind the project and describes how elegant, simple and contemporary interpretation enhances each environment. Read the interview with Cinzia Beltrami, CEO of Beltrami Linen. What are […]