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The eye-catching line. Beltrami at Maison & Objet 2018

What can match the intensity of a woman’s gaze, perfectly framed by black eyeliner? In similar fashion, a sophisticated black profile enhances the white of the bed that Beltrami is presenting for the first time at Maison & Objet 2018. A seductive textile interpretation of two absolute concepts, black and white, minimal and elegant in […]


The accessory for the perfect toast

In the run-up to Christmas and the emotive midnight chimes of New Year’s Eve, December, like no other, is the month for festive drinks. We’ve all been looking forward to the warmth of company and the clink of glasses as we sit around a table with friends and relatives. Beltrami has put its mind to […]


Beltrami interview: Simone Moretti

The Italian who likes to provide Service with a capital “S”. He is one of the Italians who best represent the future of hospitality in the service-driven ultra-luxury sector. He has lived in London for over 5 years, and was once the Manager of the Arts Club, one of the city’s best-known members’ clubs, located […]


Why is our cotton guaranteed to be the best?

Every Beltrami product begins with the raw materials. At Beltrami we insist on knowing the origins of our materials, and we only buy crops in the peak of condition as assurance of the highest possible quality. Additionally, we constantly monitor the properties of our cotton to ensure a consistent and homogeneous product. Fibre length and […]


The designer Mathieu Lehanneur includes Beltrami in his conceptual and aesthetic universe for the 2017 Paris AD Intérieurs exhibition

“I wanted to combine the sophistication of those who know the beauty of things and the simplicity of those who need nothing more.” – Mathieu Lehanneur The latest project of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur for the 2017 Paris AD Intérieurs exhibition is entitled Last Known Home. It is a kind of contemporary haven for aesthetes […]


#BeltramiPeople: the passion of people behind “Made in Italy”

The residents of Val Seriana have learned the secrets of textile production, which is handed down from generation to generation. Blending the most innovative technologies with old techniques of master craftsmen has allowed to maintain sartorial quality in industrial production. Thus, since 1965, Beltrami has been a symbol of elegance and style throughout the world, […]


The napkin, a time-honoured symbol of style

Held in the right hand, unfolded a little, and then placed delicately on the knees, a cloth napkin is the distinctive sign of a well laid table, sure to be quickly noticed by diners. However, modern lifestyles pose a challenge to the precious fabric napkin that symbolises utmost respect for guests. But we should remember […]


The first entirely made-in-Italy Tinyhouse decorated by Beltrami – living comfortably in a few square metres

Beltrami took part in the artistic and architectural project aVOID – Tinyhouse University Berlin Headquarters by young Marche-based architect and engineer Leonardo di Chiara, coordinated by architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel. “aVOID is nearly completely made from wood: the main frame, the convertible furniture and the insulation. The choice of this material is not random and […]


Beltrami at Equip’Hotel 2016: Can we still use our hands?

In the digital age, can we still use our hands? Even touching a fabric to feel its quality and make a choice is an important action. On november 6 -10 we shall be glad to welcome you at Equip’Hotel Paris, Porte de Versailles, the most important trade show highlighting the trends and innovations in the […]

Equip Hotel Parigi 2016.jpg

The bathrobe: the timeless value of a precious robe

For a long time, bathrobes have been accessories used as a yardstick of the extent of the experience of well-being that you could only find in the most exclusive homes and luxury hotels, becoming a symbol and, at the same time, a distinctive feature of luxurious settings. Even today, a fluffy and enveloping bathrobe is […]